Unity in the Heart of Austin is a spiritually adventuresome community that inspires each other to find the Christ within and supports one another in living the principles Jesus taught.


We believe God is not out there, but is everywhere, in everything, and most important, in each of us.  The Christ is the eternal essence of God that is our true spiritual nature.


We behold the Christ within all people.  Your race, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, or whatever some church once told you made you unwanted, doesn't matter to us because we believe we are all One in the mind of God.


When we say we are "spiritually adventuresome" we mean we are open minded, open to new ideas, and more spiritual than religious.  And, we accept that your beliefs don’t have to be 100% aligned with ours for us to join in Spiritual Community.


We Invite You To Join Us

Join us at next Sunday's service for what we promise to be a thought provoking, inspiring and fun hour.  The service starts at 10:30 AM and runs about an hour.  Youth Education (our name for Sunday School) takes place at the same time.  And, we hope you'll stay afterwards for refreshments and conversation.



We are located on the northbound I-35 frontage road between Woodward and Oltorf streets across Interstate from St. Edwards University. That makes the church easily accessible from almost anywhere in Austin.  Click the Google map on this page for directions.  Our mailing and street address is 2801 S Interstate 35 Frontage Rd., Suite #110, Austin, TX 78741.